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As Limitless’ founder, Kris Krohn formed the vision for a company that would help millions of people become creators of their own destinies. With the team he assembled, his first step was to transform the world of real estate. He created a turnkey investment program that combines personal mentorship with step-by-step execution. So far, this has resulted in over $700 million in successful transactions for its clients.

In the same mold-breaking spirit, Kris and his team went on to conceive a revolutionary approach to personal empowerment through Limitless. Limitless is a 3 day experiential seminar that transforms lives through the power of belief breakthrough.

Having won his own financial independence at the age 26, Kris is living proof of his personal philosophy and wealth-building methodologies. Kris has written 3 books. His latest book is aptly titled, Limitless: Reclaim Your Power, Unleash Your Potential, Transform Your Life. It combines exactly the blend of inspiration and proven techniques that have driven the growth of thousands of lives.

Kris’ ultimate vision is to provide millions of people with breakthrough to raise global consciousness and offer real tools for people to build a better life. As an extreme breakthrough artist he teaches people the power of belief breakthrough and how to live an unconditional and limitless life. Kris focuses on health, wealth, connection and personal power as he helps unlock people to live at their potential. Despite his impressive track record of success, for Kris Krohn the journey has only begun.

When Kris’ second son, Kaiser, was born, we didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Starting at about the age of one, he was slow to progress. He didn’t walk until sixteen months and wouldn’t say “mama” or “dada” until after age two. He started really falling behind normal milestones of child development at age three. By the time he was four he wasn’t potty trained, he didn’t speak, and he wouldn’t even respond to his own name and very little else.


“We took him in for testing and he tested moderate on the autism scale. The common perception of autism is that it’s incurable. But Kalenn and I were willing to hold space that something could be done. We envisioned it. We believed it.”

“We were on a business trip in California one time. We talked to a friend who happened to be dating a woman who had worked four years as a secretary for a Doctor Buttar in North Carolina. She had watched this doctor dramatically help many children on the autism spectrum. We immediately scheduled an appointment with him and started Kaiser on treatments. On the scale of autism, 100 to 200 is normal and 1,000 is profoundly autistic. Kaiser initially tested at 436. It’s extremely rare for anyone to move on that scale, especially without treatment.”

“Autistic children have inhibited social function, which makes it difficult for them to learn. It usually takes a few years for the supplements to start showing results. But Kaiser responded within a couple of months. Within the first four months he started responding to his name, speaking, and he potty-trained—all things he hadn’t done in his first four years. After treatment, Kaiser has vastly improved. He attends school. He socializes. Over a period of about three years, Kaiser dropped to 182 on the autism scale, which is considered normal. We couldn’t feel more blessed.”

Kris became an advocate for all natural supplements found in nature to help heal the body. As Limitless was formed Kris asked the question, what if the life changing impact of belief breakthrough could be boosted by the power of all natural supplements.

In time, Kris met Dr. Tracy Gibbs, who attended Limitless and went on to forumate the first ever breakthrough supplements designed to enhance neurogenesis and lock in new empowering beliefs while balancing emotions.

This led to the exciting formulation of the world’s top natural mind-enhancing supplements as part of Limitless Life that are now used to help individuals all around the world breakthrough their limiting beliefs, and live a happy, fulfilling life.

When you sign up you receive the two following complementary action plans:

These two powerful routines help you combine the power of your Limitless supplements with experiential mind improving behaviors. These habits have empowered thousands to elevate all aspects of their life.

Daily Belief Breakthrough:
Create and lock in meaningful change in any of your life in minutes.

Morning Power Hour:
Use the included affirmation cards to breakthrough the top limiting beliefs in your health, wealth, relationships and personal power.

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