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Limitless Founder, Kris Krohn developed the most effective breakthrough techniques after working with many expert and skilled breakthrough artists.

While many gifted mentors and energy workers leverage breakthrough as a means to replace limitations with limitless beliefs, there is little consensus beyond intuitive skill on how to perform a breakthrough.

Kris combined the best elements of many breakthrough techniques, and then refined his unique approach through helping thousands of individuals break through their limitations.

The specific breakthrough techniques are best articulated in the book Limitless: Reclaim Your Power, Unleash Your Potential, Transform Your Life.

Today, Limitless Breakthrough University certifies people in its breakthrough techniques. Individuals who purchase their Limitless Life Breakthrough Supplement Kit receive a complementary ticket to attend Limitless Breakthrough University’s Lightning Breakthrough Course. This powerful seminar provides Level 1 Breakthrough Certification and provides tools and skills to start the journey to become a paid breakthrough coach.

Your Next Step

If you are ready to become a paid Limitless Breakthrough Coach serving the world, purchase your Limitless Life Breakthrough Supplement Kit and receive the following three bonuses:

1. Limitless Book: This book will explain additional methods of breakthrough, the science of breakthrough in greater depth, how to use breakthrough to manifest the new results you want to create in your life. the book also includes a reference guide for the top new beliefs to help you lock in your breakthroughs.

2. Limitless Breakthrough: Receive two tickets valued at $998 to attend the ultimate Three-Day Limitless breakthrough event.

3. Limitless Lightning Breakthrough: Attend our one day Level 1 Lightning Breakthrough Certification to learn how to serve yourself, your family and others more powerfully as both a pro bono and paid breakthrough coach.

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